Leijona Original Tuulikaappimato mats

Leijona Original Tuulikaappimato is a durable, high-quality fully Finnish slatted carpet for outdoor and indoor use, made of rubber compound Elastocum® TPE plastic developed in collaboration between Neste Oy and Plast-Turf Oy.

The rug is durable, easy to clean, stays in place well and is easy to roll up.

Leijona®-Original carpets are assembled from modules, 395 x 50 mm, with a horizontal pin connection in the desired shape. Therefore, the prevention of possible damage is also simple and affordable.

The Leijona®-Original air closet carpet has a self-supporting structure, thanks to which good seam resistance is achieved. The carpet's more than a hundred transverse lamellas per meter and the smooth contact surface ensure the best load characteristics and very good dirt holding capacity.

Thanks to the friction of the material, the carpet is not slippery. Slip test EN 13287:2004. Rollability makes cleaning easier. Metal-free construction makes the carpet easy to use, does not irritate walls and hands. The carpet also does not damage the heels.

Leijona Original Tuulikaappimato mats