Leijona Original carpets for wet rooms

House Leijona Original wet room carpet is designed as an easy-to-use and attractive solution for wet rooms, such as sauna dressing rooms, swimming pools, balconies, patios and docks.

The mat is made of Elastocum® TPE, a plastic mixed with rubber, developed in collaboration between Neste Oy and Plast-Turf Oy

The Leijona®-Original wet room mat is assembled from modules, 395 x 50 mm, with a horizontal pin joint in the desired shape. As a result, fixing potential damage is easy and cheap.

The Leijona®-Original wet room carpet is self-supporting in its structure, thanks to which good seam stability is achieved. The right carpet material and more than a hundred transverse lamellas per meter make it soft and pleasant for the feet.

Thanks to the friction of the material, the carpet is not slippery.

Leijona Original carpets for wet rooms